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The people I choose to follow and learn from have a quality about them that tells me they’re something special. A combination of true genuineness (take me as I am; what you see is what you get; public persona = personal persona), a willingness to share even some of life’s more unpleasant moments for the sake of helping others, a positive disposition and a spirit of humor that lifts hearts and souls are just a few of the things that draw me into someone’s blog or tweets. Below are just a few links of some valuable and timeless information from some of the people I have just described. I hope you find them useful, too!

Tara Sophia Mohr is a true powerhouse of elegance, wisdom and beauty, combined with a genuine care for others and a true passion for guiding them to their own personal success. I encourage you to take some time to get to know her through her Wise Living Blog. She has a post entitled 10 Rules for Brilliant Women that I have printed off, and read regularly, and I encourage you to give it a read as well. I would also encourage you to sign up for her free Goals Guide, an invaluable source for not only setting, but also realizing your short- and long-term goals.


The Pioneer Woman is not only beautiful and inspirational, but also a wealth of knowledge in many areas of life in which I can relate. I especially appreciate her willingness to share any lessons learned along the way. For anyone interested in the world of blogging, this is a great post on some lessons learned.

Ten Important Things I’ve Learned about Blogging


The Barefoot Executive is lively, cute as a button, and full of great advice for the business-by-day/wife-mom-everything-else-by-night Gal. In her main topics of Mastery, Marketing or Mindset, you’re sure to find some encouraging words for the day. This is a great post that has helped me stay true to my own voice when writing.

Three Core Principles that make You (and your Business) Unique!


Pam More – the Marketing Nut (a title she dubbed herself) has the goal to inspire others not only in their business, but also in life. She has a humorous article about Social Media Etiquette giving sage advice in the voice of Granny.

Granny’s 40-tips for Good Social Relationships

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