Wang Li Ying Press Release

Arriving From China: Imagine having a transformation like this…

(Dallas, April 30, 2011) The LEAP Foundation partners with Ragan’s Hope, continuing aid in the life-changing transformation of Wang Li Ying from China. She is due to arrive in the US for her second visit at the end of April. She was born with a severe craniofacil cleft and four segments of two noses, which subsequently caused hypertelorism. In 2007, the LEAP foundation brought her here to Dallas and paid all travel and medical expenses as she underwent a grueling 11-hour surgery resulting in what you see depicted here.

Dr. Craig Hobar of LEAP will once again perform the two surgeries she needs, but it is Ragan’s Hope that will host Wang and support her, her mother and her infant sister while they stay here in Dallas.  

Also coming to Dallas is another child from China, Zhang Qing Long, who has a bilateral craniofacial cleft and hypertelorism, pulmonary problems and cardiac problems. In addition to the surgical care by Dr. Hobar, he will receive pulmonary and cardiac care from specialists at Medical City Children’s Hospital. During the time he is here, he will need to undergo three surgeries, with Ragan’s Hope also hosting and supporting him and his family for the next year as they stay inDallas.

Founded in 1991, The LEAP (Life Enhancement Association for People) Foundation is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives those who have severe facial or body deformities. Dr. Hobar and other volunteering doctors and specialists give of their time both locally, and across the world to transform the lives of children and adults who have been suffering, many since birth, with deformities.

Ragan’s Hope is a foundation designed to host, support, love and encourage parents and family members that have a child with medical issues. This is done through an amazing infrastructure of volunteers, most of whom have gone through some type of personal or family medical issue themselves and understand just how important this kind of support is in the life of someone who has lost hope.

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