Ragan’s Hope

For anyone who has ever experienced the pain of seeing a child endure medical issues, you understand how debilitating that can be. The rest of the world stops as you focus every breath on the health and welfare of that child. Every thought is poured into praying, wishing, and daring to hope that one day soon your child (and you) will be released from that pain, be able to come home, and experience a healthy life.

Ragan’s Hope has intimate knowledge of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual battles that such a situation brings. Ragan wasn’t supposed to survive the day she was born. But she’s been proving the world wrong ever since.  Now, at a vibrant age of 23, although she still faces daily challenges, she uses her time to help other families who are dealing with severe health and medical issues of their own.

This charitable ministry has pulled together an incredible team of volunteers to help support families who spend more time in a hospital waiting room than their own home. Most of these volunteers give of their time because at one point, they too needed the assistance that this charity provided. Any donations given to this 501 (c) (3) organization is tax deductible, and will help to provide a variety of services to parents in need, including (but limited to):

  • Ready-made meals delivered to their home
  • Hospital Parking Passes
  • Utilities, rent and mortgage assistance
  • Arranging for maid service, lawn care, laundry needs 
  • Assistance with pets
  • Hospital visits from like-minded people who have gone through similar circumstances
  • Funeral Assistance
  • Transporting other siblings to and from school / activities / childcare
  • Encouraging, thoughtful and prayerful Cards to parents and other family members
  • Ongoing support after a child has left the hospital, helping parents learn new routines for caring for medically challenged, physically or mentally disabled children
  • Sitting with children in the hospital when their parents can’t be there

For more information, please feel free to visit Ragan’s Hope.

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