Purpose of this Blog

Periodically, we have moments in life where we feel small and insignificant, and that no one would ever notice us unless we did a dive-bomb on their heads. Even then, we may just be batted away like a gnat. Hummingbirds have been that ray of hope, reminding me that although my mind tries to tell me that I’m small and insignificant, there’s still power, beauty, precision and intelligence in my heart—and with that, I just might be able to change the world.

I have an incredible husband of 4 years, and two daughters; one turning 23 this year, and one turning two. I constantly find myself not only teaching them all about life, but also learning from them as well. The scope from which our lessons come is vast, and I believe that each lesson is a ray of hope that should be shared with all who choose to listen. I plan to use the words posted in this blog to convey my thoughts and lessons learned so that I, along with others, can hopefully find that nectar of life and that ray of hope that we long for; and through this journey we experience together, we just might be able to use our words to change the world, one person at a time.  

For more about me and my writings, please feel free to visit my writing website at JennieWrites.com
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