Philosophies and Guidelines

From the culture we were born into, the parents we have (or didn’t have) and our own responses to people and their actions, we all form various philosophies and guidelines for the way we live life. These are just a few of mine:

Social media is growing in popularity, and even I, after much procrastination, have a Twitter account. I do not use computer programs to go out and follow people; I do go out and actually do my own research on who I choose to follow. I got the idea of setting social media ground rules from @tedcoine, and I really like his Twitter Follow Back Policy. His policy is only slightly more lenient than mine. I will follow most anyone who follows me, except for when I don’t. When I go out and do my research on new followers, if they are noticeably using an anti-social program to tweet for them and select followers for them, I will not choose to follow them. I believe social networking should actually be for humans. Also, I do not choose to follow people who only push products, have inappropriate language and content, or have a profile picture that I would be embarrassed to have on screen should someone happen to be looking over my shoulder. Pretty simple, I think. Happy Tweeting!   

A philosophy I live by is to always leave places, people and things better than expected or deserved. Choose grace over greed, mercy over revenge, and forgiveness over shame. At the very least, I aim to use the Golden Rule as a way of life, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I am not perfect. I fail often. But I have an internal drive to pick myself up, say I’m sorry, and get going again. Life is just too short to waste it in self-pity.

Some guidelines for this site as far as comments go, to avoid spam, I am moderating comments. However, I have no problem approving any comments, even those that do not agree with their associated blog post. I will not approve anything with crude language, as that is not a part of any message I want this blog to project.

For the rest of it, I pretty much just play it by ear and do my best to do what’s right, regardless of the consequences. I hope to pass a little bit of that on to the next generation.

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