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I am called Mom by my beautiful 23-year old girl, Mommy by my precocious two-year-old, and Love by my handsome and oh-so-perfect-for-me husband. To most everyone else who knows me personally, I am Jennie. To those who are selling something, I’m Mrs. Jodziewicz, of which, they always mispronounce.

Along with those titled positions I hold, there is another pivotal trait I have that gives insight to why I do what I do. I believe in God. And I admit full belief even without a full understanding of who or what He is. This is what I consider faith. Faith feeds hope. And without hope, life has no meaning to me.

As a child I do not recall wanting to be a firefighter or ballerina. Nor did my parents ever tell me I was going to be a doctor or Supreme Court justice. A career path did not emerge from the mist as a teenager and college wasn’t in the cards either at the time.  Eventually though, a winding trail was hacked through the underbrush where soon a natural path came into view. I don’t know where it goes, but the journey is a workout that I enjoy. It’s a journey where the heart, mind and soul collide. The result; a page filled with words that take others to their own personalized destination where they hopefully find answers, awakenings and discoveries to help make their own developing path easier to endure.

I am a 40-something dreamer and hopeful romantic, born  in Indianapolis, Indiana, but moved to Texas as quick as I could. While growing up, my family moved around quite a bit, so I was able to spend a lot of time alone – just me, with a paper and pen. Somehow it seems I have a special connection between my heart and hands that causes me to be able to dig deeper into my thoughts and to express myself with ease. Talking, on the other hand, without that built-in filter of writing, seems so much harder to do. 

As we all discover in life, simply living is not an easy task. The mere fact that we breathe means there are obstacles and challenges we must face. I found that sharing many of my own personal experiences can help others during their difficult times. In helping others, I find it very easy to be vulnerable and transparent, especially through the written word. My hope is that I am able to influence many through this incredible avenue of writing my words~

Some random information about what makes me, me:

Favorite Movies: See blog post about Finding your Passion

Favorite Television Shows: Castle, Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office

Favorite Activities: Date Night with my husband, spending time with family and watching my girls turn into beautiful ladies, camping (not the super rustic kind – I like to be in a tent with my air mattress and near a real bathroom), and being outdoors and near water of any kind.

I have a website that has been storing some of my previous writings. I am working at transitioning that website to this site. But for now, you can see more of my work at JennieWrites.com.

Disclaimer: Everything here is my personal opinion and is not associated at all with any past, present or future employers. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else.
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