What’s your RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) story?

Giving - Random Acts of KindnessWebsite resources, touching blog posts, relevant business articles, breaking news and friendly hellos are just a few things I commonly find through my twitter feed. It’s such a treasure and you just never know what’s going to turn up next! Last week, for instance, I was touched deeply by a post on Robyn Bomar’s blog. The post was done in 2010, but through a random tweet I stumbled upon last week, I was led to this great reminder of how important it is to think of others first, and to make time for RAOK’s.

RAOK refers to Random Acts of Kindness. This seems to be a ‘fad’ that comes and goes, and now I fear with Oprah off the ‘free’ airways, there’s no one in mainstream media to keep RAOKs an active mindset within the general population. I know I certainly need reminders of such things. It’s just so easy to get sucked into our own lives, it’s almost surprising sometimes to look up and see someone else there.

In sharing my twitter find on Facebook, I received a response from Greg, a single father who shared the details of an RAOK mission he facilitated with his 11-year-old son. This is such an awesome example of how we as parents can instill the proper values into our children that I asked for his permission to share. Here’s his message:

Just the other day we did a random act of kindness by placing envelopes on random car windshields with this printed on them Hunter got so excited he put all his money in also:

I have placed some money in this envelope to find its way to someone in need. If you are that person please use it.

If you are blessed already please pass it on so that this seed might find the one in true need. It is meant to be a blessing either way.

A seed twice sown is twice blessed and so on.

If you pass it on and feel led to do so, sow your seed along with it too.

The economy is bad, and you never know who is in need; some lose their jobs etc. I started this to free the flow of money in my life also.


This is just a random act of kindness. What we make happen for others, GOD will make happen for us.

The post I mentioned earlier was about a girl whose birthday wish was to do an RAOK for every year she had been alive. Her chronicle of those events are creative, touching, many of them free, most well received, and most of all – from the heart.

The influence that Greg has on his son, and the time they spent together for these RAOK’s has created a lasting mark on not only his son, but anyone who received one of those envelopes on their car. So it got me thinking, what am I going to do this year to show kindness to others?

As Robyn posted, you don’t need money to return someone’s shopping cart for them, or help them carry their groceries. That’s just being thoughtful. What are some other RAOKs we can do for others that won’t break the bank?

I’ll make it a point to remind myself to do RAOK’s on a regular basis, and I’ll be sure to send out twitter, blog and Facebook reminders, so you can be reminded too. I’m no Oprah, nor do I have her following. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Finding significance,

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