What is Your Small Success Story for Today?

What is your small success story for today?Technology can be frustrating. Oh, so frustrating. From updating imbedded calculators, transferring websites and starting a blog to figuring out Twitter, SEO and being sent code you don’t understand to fix a problem you can’t locate on a page you can’t even access because you can’t remember your password!

But after months of attempting to work through technologically related issues, it all came to a boiling point yesterday.

Inspirational writing to find significanceAfter a day of near tears thinking that I just need to go back to utilizing only pen, paper and the Pony Express, I get an email that resolved a major issue on one site, and a phone call that resolved another, both stating basically the same thing.

“We’re so sorry you have been frustrated, but we have discovered the problem is on our end. We have located and resolved the issues. Please contact us if you experience any more problems. Thank you for being a customer.”

 Yes—Success! It is always gratifying to know that we’re not as inept as a situation would have us believe. However, that got me to thinking.

How much time, effort and emotionally related stress have I wasted over issues that I am either no longer in control of, or that I never had control of in the first place?

Other than rush hour traffic, the new bag of oranges I buy that always seems to have a moldy one hidden away, and the fact that we can’t choose where we were born, or who to, I have sadly spent needless hours rehashing past circumstances and playing the What if-Should’ve-Could’ve game.

So why is it called a game when nobody wins? Why do we look for success when we’re trying to control something that is no longer, or never was ours to control?

The moral of the story:

Make something good happen now instead of wasting time wishing that something good happened then. Only in building on your success of today, can you prepare for your significance of tomorrow.

The things that went wrong today are easy to spot. But the true gift comes from being able to focus on what went right.

 What are some of the small successes you have had today? I would love to know.

 Your world of significance awaits,


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