Are You Living Your Passion: A Fun Way to Either Find or Rekindle Your Passion

I used to think that writing was ‘my thing.’ When someone would ask me what I’m passionate about, I would say, “Writing,” without hesitation. However, I’ve recently discovered that writing is not my passion at all.

Writing is merely my vehicle.

My passion is helping others realize their significance, and through words, I hope to encourage them to overcome their past, their current obstacles, and any preconceived notions they have come to believe about themselves and their perception of the world that may be holding them back.

The turning point for me was a post on Michael Hyatt’s blog by a guest contributor, Mary Demuth.

Point number two of the blog post titled Find Your Passion in Three Steps instructed readers to do a simple yet fun exercise: list your three favorite movies of all time.

That wasn’t hard. My list is as follows:


The puzzling part to me was that these movies were supposed to help me discover my innermost passion. The only common theme I saw at first was that maybe I secretly (even unbeknownst to me) wanted to live in a different era, and somehow discover that I am royalty. That couldn’t be right. I thought writing was my passion.

But through a brief discussion within the comments of the above mentioned blog post, I was enlightened. Each of these movies has someone depicted as being insignificant, discarded, even worthless: a farm boy, a servant slave, and a knight’s squire.

The connection? Each of them overcame their past, their current circumstances, and all Resistance that stood in their way to follow their dream-filled heart. And along the way, they found significance, life’s purpose, love, and a loyal group of supporters who also experienced great life-change through someone else’s success.

The vehicle for that message happened to be a movie. My vehicle for that same message is the written word. That really cleared things up for me!

Have you found your true passion in life?

I would love to hear from you. What are your three favorite movies? Can you find a theme in your list that relates to your passion?

Is the vision of your passion still a little fuzzy?  Take a look at this blog post by Tara Sophia Mohr, titled What to Do When Your Vision is Vague.  It is worth the read. 

Maybe this weekend, it’s time to pull those movies out, make some popcorn, and rekindle that fire inside. Then, go after that passion with everything you’ve got!

I wish you a world of significance,


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  1. Well I don’t really know what my life’s passion is…but I do know which 3 movies I watch over and over 🙂

    Ever After
    Step Brothers

    None of those are like the other one, so I’m not sure what that says about my life passion or lack there of lol

    • Well – Kristi – I did some research on those movies, and here’s the common theme I found: each movie has an uncharacteristic ‘chosen one’ who was selected to bring either groups or individuals together to find harmony, friendship and support through chaotic circumstances. You organize and bring people together to enhance their overall life, which in turn, brings you significance and success. You’re Awesome, Girl! Thank you for commenting!

  2. My three favorite movies are “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Scarlet Pimpernell” and “friendly Persuasion”. All three teach to hold to your principles and values and you will succeed and be happy.

    • Holding on to our values and principles is something we all need to keep in mind and hold with highest regard. It’s so easy to let those slide for convenience sake sometimes. You are a steady rock in these sometimes stormy waters of life – thank you for commenting!

  3. Maybe you’re related to the last Czar’s missing daughter!

  4. This is a really interesting exercise. Unfortunately, I am a HUGE movie buff. I don’t think I could possibly limit myself to just three favorite movies. It would have to be more like 10 or 20, and who knows what that would tell me about my passion! I’ll try anyway:

    Forest Gump
    Nothing in Common

    The first two star Tom Hanks. Does that mean he is my passion? Uh oh…don’t tell my girlfriend.

    • Steve, thank you so much for commenting!

      I have not seen Fletch, or Nothing in Common – but from the research that I did on those movies, I will check those out this weekend – I can’t believe I let such gems escape me!

      From what I can gather, the most common denominator I can find between these three movies is to utilize human emotions seen through a myriad of everyday life circumstances to seek out truth – our most basic emotional human need (we need truth in love, or it is in fact, not real love).

      In Forest Gump, I’m reminded of the scene when he was a little boy, and the school principal had just been to ‘visit’ Forrest’s mother. The principal tries to cover over the issue of what he was really doing there, and Forrest confronts him with the truth right there on the front porch by mimicking the sound of the bed springs. Forrest, in his simplicity, brought truth to light wherever he went, no matter who he was dealing with, or what the circumstances were at the time.

      In Fletch’s plot summary, he is an investigative reporter – seeking and exposing the truth using whatever means necessary (as in his disguises, etc.)

      In Nothing in Common’s plot summary, David seeks the truth for why his parents split up. He even puts his own job in jeopardy to put truth / family first. And in the end, by showing up for his father at the hospital, that allows his father, also, to see the truth in the love of his son.

      So, I am no psychologist, and don’t claim that this is indeed your true passion, but just from an outsiders perspective based on these movies, it would appear that you are passionate about the truth, finding the truth about life and all it brings, using whatever means necessary.

      And, I think everyone, men and women alike, all have a little crush on Tom Hanks. His public persona does appear to be the epitome of the ‘everyman’ that seems to depict those virtues that are endearing to us all! So… I won’t tell your girlfriend, if you don’t tell my husband! 🙂

  5. Great entry! Made me think about my own self. Thanks a lot. So, off the top of my head, I’d list these as in my top faves: Princess Bride, Napoleon Dynamite, Miracle on 34th Street. I have an idea of what they may have in common. What do you think?

    • Jennifer, those are great movies! We of course share a great love for the Princess Bride. And Miracle on 34th Street is certainly in my top 10. Napoleon Dynamite… that one is on Tom’s list. 🙂

      In thinking about the commonalities of these movies, it would seem that each of the main characters took some type of action that benefited others. Their actions offered hope and inspired others who were struggling in possible issues of self worth, and they were inspired to get past their perceived inadequacies to believe in something greater than themselves.

      With the Princess Bride, it was true love.
      Napoleon Dynamite brought hope to any flailing student (or adult for that matter) to rise above the clicks, the popularity, the stigmas of stereotype to become a leader, a class president.
      Miracle on 34th Street brought a whole community to once again embrace the Spirit of Christmas through Santa Clause.

      I’m not sure if that lines up with your thoughts on the matter – but based on my thoughts here, I believe you understand people’s self-critical nature, and that you take action to find ways to help them overcome that. Your passion is to inspire them and give them hope so that they can believe in life again, in people, in God, in causes, and even in their own suppressed passion so that they can rise above their circumstances, grab a hold of that belief, and make a true difference. Your gift is powerful and quite significant!

      I love this exercise! Again, thanks for sharing!

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